1. General

Any robot or electronic project can compete. The robot can have any function. This sample provides the opportunity to compete for those robots that do not fit into any other category / sample competition. At this category may attend other robots enrolled in any contest. The team that developed the robot or electronic projected must present it in a Freestyle Exhibition which will work one or two days of competition and then to a jury.

2. Freestyle Exhibition

Each participant is invited to create a poster (maximum format A1 portrait) which will be presented in Freestyle Exhibition, with robot or electronic project. There are no limitations to the design of the poster. During the Freestyle Exhibition (a day or two of competition) participants must be available to answer questions from all interested public. The host is not responsible for theft, damage or destroy the machine or project during the exhibition.

3. Presentation in front of a jury

The jury will be composed of teachers which will be from areas involved and a member of the team coordinating the project. Jury members will visit the Freestyle Exhibition before the evaluation session. During the assessment the team will show the robot or project and submit to the jury:
- The robot or electronic project
- Poster presentation
- Demonstrations of operation of the robot
- Will answer questions from the jury
- A presentation

4. Scores

The jury will award grades to all teams meeting the above requirements. Prizes will be awarded to top 3 finishers in descending order of the scores obtained.
The jury will examine
- The robot or electronic project
- The poster
- Demonstration
- Answers to questions
- The presentation.

Each jury member will give a score from 1 to 10 for each of the categories below:
A. Presentation
B. How to enhance the products value using the poster (advertisement)
C. Demonstration
D. The answers to the questions